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Is Accutane a safe medication to take?
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Accutane is used for the treatment of severe acne. Let’s find out some information about severe acne. Severe acne is an unpleasant problem that causes lots of stress in a person suffering from this condition.
Severe acne makes serious damage to the skin. You should not fall into panic if you have time to time pimple on your skin as this is not severe acne. You may have severe acne problem if you have inflamed, extremely red, and deep acne lesions that actually disfigure the skin.
Severe acne is considered to have place if this problems actually leads to scarring and permanent damage of the skin. Severe acne condition should be diagnosed by your dermatologist.
This condition may need the use of different medications and Accutane is one of medications that may be used for the treatment of severe acne.
There are four known types of severe acne:
Acne fulminans. The symptoms are joint pain in the knees and hips, inflammation, fever and severe acne with ulcers.
Acne conglobate. The symptoms are inflamed abscesses in the skin, blackheads on the buttocks, torso, upper arm neck, area, and face, deep scars, great damage to the skin and gram negative folliculitis
Nodulocystic acne occurs in the form of painful cysts that can be pretty large and often occur on face, shoulders, neck, back and chest.
Gram negative folliculitis. This condition does look like very bad acne.
There are lots of different reasons that may lead to this condition, including hormonal activity, stress, inflammation, accumulation of dead skin cells, the use of anabolic steroids and others.
If you have severe acne problems, it should be treated in order to maintain the beauty of your skin. It is very stressful for anyone to suffer from this problem which leads to emotional imbalance.
A good news is that severe acne can be treated. You may need to check out different variants of treatment but you will eventually find the treatment to help you out.
Usually, in order to treat severe acne different medications are prescribed.
Also, in order to treat the occurred scars in skin it can be recommended to use microdermabrasion which removes the damage layers of skin.
As it was mentioned above, there are different medications that are used for the treatment of severe Acne problem and Accutane is a very-well known medication on the market. This medication not only helps to get rid of severe acne but it is also effective for renewing your skin. Still, this medication is not the first instance medication that should be used for the treatment of severe acne.
When starting your treatment, the other medications should be used and in case the medications appear ineffective Accutane may be prescribed for you.
So, why actually Accutane is not recommended as the first instance medication and is it safe to use Accutane anyway?
Accutane is the form of vitamin A. This medication does not allow skin gland to produce that much oil.
When this medication appeared on the market, it showed itself to be an effective medication. However, at the same time this medication became to be known for its side effects.
There have been many complains about this medication for its side effects and dermatologist started prescribing this medication very carefully.
Now, before you are prescribed with this medication, you will be asked to sign a consent form confirming that you are aware of possible side effects.
Your healthcare provider may also provide you with other safety information on the use of Accutane.
You should be aware that Accutane is one of three other medications that are spread with special medical working and consent form in the USA.